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A concept design for a South Western Australian custom home.

Do you do renovations?

Yes we do. There is a limit on size of renovation, but try us.

Do you provide architectural services
during construction?

Yes we can. This creates a boundary between you and your builder, so that any issues during construction can be handled at arms length.

Do you have special builders?

We have established relationships with some builders and will make recommendations for your project. One of the advantages with architects is that you can tender your project out to get a competitive price. We also welcome new builders if you have one you like.

Architect's Fees?

We have many choices in terms of fees. We can tailor our services to suit your budget. As a guide, for full services (including construction admin), most architects work at around 10% of the total construction cost for house projects, although it can vary depending on the project. As a comparison, working with a builder-designer, if the difference is large, the design and drawing fees are most likely included in the build cost, or builder's margin.

Will you blow my budget?

All our projects are unique and have never been built before. So when we start, we work on our experience of past projects to estimate costs. To further reduce the risk of cost blow-outs, we get feedback from builders early on to give their estimate. We also keep you aware during the process about what decisions are likely to blow the budget. We do all we can to keep costs a real part of the equation as we go through play more conservatively if the budget is the most important factor for you. We have got better and better at this over the years and are confident we can help you get the best value for money for your project, using all the tools we have at our disposal.

Got more questions?

Simple. Call us on 0417 533 431 

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